Chapter History

{BGL} Beta Gamma Lambda was chartered May 4, 1935 with approximately thirty-two charter brothers that include eight (8) officers and twenty-four (24) members in that beginning year. Then, as is the case now; they were college men from a variety of social economic status, disciplines, geographical regions, and political persuasions.


During the ensuing years since BGL was chartered the fraternity has remained viable and therefore, withstood the tests of time and events including wars, civil unrest, economic fluctuation, institutional racism and much more. The chief principle of BGL are the promotion of scholarship, brotherly love and mutual association of men. 

We are educators, administrators, lawyers, judges, social scientists, politicians, clergymen, bankers, etc.  The goal of the chapter is to stay abreast of the progressive programs of the National Body and carry out programs of scholarship, service; and love for all mankind in the spirit of true brotherhood. The general profile and demography of the fraternity's membership has not changed significantly over more than sixty-nine (69) years.


There are many brothers in BGL in the past and present that have distinguished themselves, and hence forged milestones that laid the groundwork to advance our committees and nation. 


Over several decades BGL has sponsored the development of many socially conscious endeavors including annual student scholarships, youth educational/leadership programs, voter registration drives, Project Alpha, Mentoring programs, "Go-to-High School, Go-to-College", Social events and various community projects.


BGL flourished in the 60's and 70's and was among the top 10 chapters within the National AFA with the largest number of lifetime members. BGL is reclaiming its members and starting a growth and development trend at the crossroads of this millennium. We call on our A Phi A brothers to join us in forging a unheralded pathway toward the next 100 years.

Servants of All

From the Brotherhood

--Bro.Jeffery D. Jackson Chapter President 2014-2016

“Alpha is a way of life... it's how you live and how you serve your community (in my eyes) with the development and uplifting of all mankind!” 

--Bro. Sylvester Brown Chapter President 2004-2006

“Alpha, to me, means an unbreakable brotherhood bond amongst men; with like-minded goals, a loyalty to the organization and ideals that are lifelong.” 

--Bro. Kristian L. Jones Chapter Historian and Assoc. Editor to Sphinx 2016-2018

"Alpha is the understood reality-- that your life is no longer your own. It belongs to God foremost, and the communities you serve secondly."