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Awards & Recognition

ΒΓΛ has won numerous awards in the Richmond community and statewide. ΒΓΛ has even been receiving awards and recognition from the collaboration of The Young Achievers Program with the Commonwealth Chapter of the Links on both local and regional levels with the Links, Incorporated.  ΒΓΛ became the fourth Chapter in Alpha (nationwide) to participate with the Links organization with the Young Achievers Program.

VACAPAF's 2021 Alumni Chapter Top Fundraiser for March of Dimes

VACAPAF’s 2021 Outstanding Alumni Brother of the Year (Brother Michael Lee)   

2021 VACAPAF and Eastern Region’s Alpha Man of Merit (Brother Byron Hunter)

2008-2009 Brother Sylvester M. Brown Virginia Commonwealth University’s Outstanding Chapter Advisor of the Year.   

VACAPAF’s 2007 Reclamation Award

VACAPAF’s 2006  (Centennial Year) Outstanding Alumni Brother of the Year (Brother Tony T. Moss)

VACAPAF’s 2004 Outstanding Alumni Chapter of the Year

General Alpha Man of Merit (Brother Wendell T. Foster, Jr.)

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