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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Civil Rights Activist

Frederick Douglass – Anti-Slavery Activist

Thurgood Marshall – Civil Rights Activist, Supreme Court Justice

William Gray – United Negro College Fund, Businessman

Julius L. Chambers – NAACP Legal Defense fund

W.E.B. Dubois – Writer, Historian, Civil Rights Activist

Dick Gregory – Activist

Dr. Lessall D. Leffall – President, American College of Surgeons

Louis Sullivan – Secretary of Health and Education

James Comer – Psychologist

Winston Scott – Navy Commander, Astronaut NASA

Garrett Morgan – Inventor, Traffic Signal

Mike Powell – Track Star

Donald Driver – NFL Player

Wes Unseld – Former NBA Player and Coach

John “Hot Rod” Williams – Former NBA Player

Wes Chandler – Former NFL Player

Charles Haley – NFL Player

Jesse Owens – Olympic Gold Medalist

Eddie Robinson – Winningest Football Coach in NCAA History

James Check – Howard University

John Hope Franklin – Historian

Frederick Patterson – Found, UNCF

Andrew Zawacki – Rhodes Scholar, Author

Dennis Kimbro – Author

Dr. Cornel West – Author

Thomas J. Burrell – CEO, Burrell Advertising

Delano Lewis – President, National Public Radio

W. Melvin Brown – CEO, American Development Corp

Henry Parks – Founder, Parks Sausages, Inc.

Jonh H. Johnson – Entrepreneur

Joshua Smith – CEO, Maxima Corporation

The Honorable Bro. Edward William Brooke – U.S. Senator

The Honorable Bro. Rev. Emmanuel Cleaver – Former Mayor, Kansas City

Dennis Archer – Former Mayor Detroit

Willie Brown – Former Mayor of San Francisco

David Dinkins – Former Mayor of New York

Earl Hilliard – Former Congressman, Alabama (7th District)

Charles Rangel – Congressman, New York (15th District)

Roscoe Cartwright – General, AUS

Fred A. Gorden – Brigadier General

Edward Honor – Lieutenant General, Army, Retired

Samual Gravely – Admiral, USN

Benjamin Hacker – Rear Admiral

James McCall – Major General

Daryl Bell – Actor

Duke Ellington – Jazz Musician

Stuart Scott – ESPN Anchorman

Tony Brown – Journalist/Producer

Donny Hathaway – Musician

Keenan Ivory Wayans – Comedian, Producer

Dr. Ronald J. Temple – Chancellor, City Colleges of Chicago

William B. DeLauder – President, Delaware St. University

Dennis Kimbro – Author

Dr. Cornel West – Author

Norm Francis – President, Xavier University


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