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We March for Babies

BGL’s Circle of Champions (pictured Left to Right): Bro. Demario Preston, Bro. Christopher A. Oliver, Bro. Brandon Booker-Hatcher and Bro. Carlos A. Stewart


By Bro. Kristian L. Jones Assoc. Editor to the Sphinx


Richmond, Virginia — When mentioning the March of Dimes®’ March for Babies® fundraiser to a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.’s Beta Gamma Lambda Chapter, you will invite many smiles — and detect a sense of pride in their responses.


The Beta Gamma Lambda Chapter has improved, significantly, in fundraising for this initiative since last year — raising an outstanding $9,126 so far, compared to $3813.79 just a year prior. When speaking with the brothers, it is clear to see that his year’s achievement was goal and motive oriented. 


The Chapter’s March of Dimes® Committee Co-Chair and Chapter Intake Coordinator Brother Carlos A. Stewart mentioned that this year’s goal was straight forward stating, “ I wanted the chapter to reach $10,000 this year… each neophyte was to raise $1,000 each, and I set a personal goal of $2,000.” When asking Bro. Stewart, who raised an impressive $2,700 just last year, if he was pleased with the Chapter’s performance, he responded, “Yes! I always feel that we can push for more, but I’m extremely happy with our performance. We’re exceeded my expectations greatly… and I have a strong feeling we will meet our goal in the remaining weeks.” 


Not only has the chapter performed exceptionally this year — through their efforts, individual brothers have had the opportunity to shine. Brother Demario Preston, a Spring 2016 initiate into the chapter, holds the top fundraiser title for the chapter and 3rd in Central Virginia this year, raising $2,634. When asked how it felt to be the top fundraiser for the chapter in their 2016 efforts, Bro. Preston responded stating “I never really looked at it as a competition, just raising awareness to the epidemic is gratifying enough.” Nurturing this selfless attitude and personal motivation is what made this year such a success. After asking Bro. Preston what his driving factor was — he responded, “…I always put my best foot forward… in everything that I do.” We can all appreciate and learn from the personal determination and ownership of Bro. Preston, as reaching every goal starts with self.


Following Bro. Preston’s endeavor, we have Bro. Carlos A. Stewart raising $2,144, Bro. Christopher A. Oliver raising $1,111, Bro. Brandon Booker-Hatcher raising $1,105 and Bro. Kristian L. Jones raising $509, making up the top 5 March of Dimes®’s March For Babies® fundraisers for the Beta Gamma Lambda Chapter in 2016. 


The top 4, however, reaching a mark of $1,000 each, have entered the March For Babies®’s esteemed group named “Circle of Champions.” — And we applaud them for their efforts.

Big Brothers

Bro. Brandon D. Booker-Hatcher (center) giving his personal reflections of being a "Little" and becoming a "BIG" at the BBBS B.Y.O.B. Recruitment Event June 16th, 2016.

By Bro. Kristian L. Jones Assoc. Editor to the Sphinx

The Beta Gamma Lambda Chapter urges brothers to join in aiding our Fraternity's Special Iniciative, a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, as we reach the youth in the Greater Richmond Area, on a personal level. The opportunity to give back to our community doesn't always have to be tangible -- in fact, by becoming a "BIG" you are giving the most precious thing our youth needs -- time.

Join the Brotherhood as we Make and Impact on Richmond's "Littles."

Next Recruitment Event is JULY 21, 2016


Please see Bros. Jeffery Jackson, Brandon D. Booker-Hatcher or Kristian L. Jones for more information. or contact our BBBS partner directly at:



Kendra Robinson

        Program Manager

(Pictured left to right): Bros. Jeffery D. Jackson, Kristian L. Jones, Brandon D. Booker-Hatcher and Michael A. Lee posing for a picture at the BBBS B.Y.O.B. Recruitment Event June 16th, 2016, of which our brothers were all event ambassadors.



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