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BGL Making The World A Better Place

From the desk of Stephanie Hallaway, Director of Operations with Sole4Souls for VA/DC thanked the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Beta Gamma Lambda Chapter for our generous donation.

From Left to Right: Brother Michael Walker, Brother Darryl Stuckey, Brother Mike Lee, Brother Jason Tobin, Brother John Dantzler, Brother Jeffery Jackson, Brother Stanley Ray.

See Impact Below:

"Your donations environmental impact of 114 pairs of shoes, helps save approximately 3,420

pounds of carbon dioxide emissions released when new clothes are manufactured. Your shoe and

clothing donations combined keeps 315 pounds of textiles out of landfills all while creating

opportunities for individuals all over the world.

The time you served helped process approximately 300 shoes. Given the national average for

the value of volunteer time, your group contributed approximately $356 to support our mission.

The items you donated and sorted in the warehouse will be repurposed through our micro-

enterprise program, which teaches people in developing nations how to start their own small

business selling gently used shoes and clothing. It’s a simple model—but it’s a powerful and

sustainable way for people to lift themselves and their families out of poverty."

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